Boxcat supplies custom and stock show content for festivals, DJs and nightclubs world wide. Our content has been used by some of the biggest DJs, and festival VJs on the planet.

We have strong relationships with production companies within the UK, this means we can source pyro, Co2 effects, media servers, large amounts of LED wall, projectors, lasers, staging, lighting and lighting control.


Stage, Lighting and content design.

We specialise in event video, lighting and visual production.
We have great relationships with an expanding group of production companies, animators and VJs both in the UK and the rest of the world.

What can we do for you ?

Stock Content

We create high quality stock content for VJs worldwide. Our aim is to keep this as low priced as possible, and try to have the widest amount of styles on the market, you’re bound to find a collection you love ! 

Live VJ services

With a large network of national and international VJs, we are able to supply you with a seasoned performance VJ. We fully support and have a great reputation within the VJ Union.

Lighting Design

With an extensive background in lighting design, programming and operation we can give your show that something special.

Custom content

We create visual content for events, festivals, Djs and bars worldwide. Using industry standard software, we are able to offer 3D and 2D animations for shows around the world. This includes projection mapping content ! 

Stage Design

We are able to design and model stages of any scale. Using industry standard 3D software, we are able to give you a photo realistic mock up of your stage..

MIDI Networking

If you are in a band, group or just want to network all your MIDI apps and hardware. We have the knowlage to do so. Even wirelessly.

If retina melting madness is your thing. Let us know.


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